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The Building/ Decoration Market is all go:

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Westpac Site in 12th Ave

Seville Apartments - Oceanview Road.

Durham Court Motel - Tauranga.

Buchanan Road - Paeroa.

Chaderton apartments - Tauranga.

+ many more.

SMARTS Ltd is Committed

SMARTS Ltd is committed to the continual improvement of Social and Economic trends within the community through the practice and promotion of its Community Contribution Plan (CCP)

SMARTS Ltd will take an active role in working with community groups, local authorities, government and other agencies in support of social and economic sustainability by promoting the following objectives:

  • Utilize local Labour force in co-operation with the appropriate agencies
  • Promote SMARTS Ltd values and standards throughout the community
  • Accept and communicate this policy throughout the Company, starting from the Managing Director
  • Develop and improve this plan so that it remains relevant.